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Memories of a place, of  our thoughts, the weather, the music, the lyric and our most intimate feelings.

January 2000, 25th anniversary of HaSAAI.
The keynote speaker was Mr. Frank Cine.  Haitian Alumni from France, Germany, Canada, Haiti, Florida, etc, came to New York to celebrate HaSAAI 25th anniversary in Antun's, Springfield Blvd, Queens, NY

Summer 1995 with Me. Hubert Sanon
Alfred organises a great celebration at his house in Elmont, NY. in the summer of 1995 for Me. Hubert Sanon. A large number of salesian alumni came to enjoy the evening with their former educator .

October 27 - 29, 2006, week end with father Mesidor. A four members delegation of  HaSAAI of New York visit  their chaplain, reverend father Jacques Mesidor in Fondation Vincent, Cap Haitien, Haiti.

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 Father Jacques Mésidor funerals, September 23, 2008
 Cap haitien, Haiti

 Reflexion et Invitation à une messe de Requiem
A l'intention de Pere Jacques Mesidor
par le secretaire de l'Association des anciens eleves salesiens de New York  par Wilner Duvivier

 Speech of Edouard Desvarieux 
During the Requiem mass celebrated for Father Jacques Mesidor
 Brooklyn, New York

Les funérailles de Justin Napoléon in 2007 .
Une délégation de HaSAAI rendant le dernier hommage au nom de tous les anciens et anciennes.