Our history, the history of HaSAAI begins in  E.N.A.M, the first salesian School House in Haiti, built in 1936.
The majority of the members of the Association are graduated from this school.

It was in 1935, under the government of Sténio Vincent that the Salesians settled in Port-au-Prince where they founded in Boulevard Jean Jacques Dessalines, “l’Ecole Nationale des Arts et Métiers’’ E. N. A. M“,  whose education is based on the pedagogic principles of Don Bosco.

An establishment which provide  to young haitians a scholastic, religious and professional training. It is also the school which, every year, since 1940, provides to Haiti great numbers of the most skilled and the most competent technicians.

But, alas! As it is the fatal destiny of the Third World nations, from the seventies, many of these technicians, including the newly graduated, faced with the disadvantageous economic conditions of the country, and the uncertainty of the better tomorrow, in spite of their attachment to the mother land, did subscribe to join the massive exodus of other haitians towards the diaspora.

That's how an imposing number of salesians alumni found themselves mainly in New York. Fortunately  they always kept in mind, the precept of Don Boco, to remain united between them, to the salesian House and their former teachers. And it is in this frame of mind that father Jacques Mésidor together with the alumni Arnold Pierre and, united with some other members lays the foundations of the Haitians Salesians Alumni Association of New York, in November 1974.
Some Significant realizations
of the Haitian Salesian Alumni  Association of New York.

1974   In November, Foundation of HaSAAI.
1975   In January, first celebration of St. Jean Bosco in St. Mathew church.
1975   In May,  publication of our NewsLetter or “Feuillet-Liaison”.
1975   In July, first general assemblee meeting in Ste.Thérèse auditorium.
1976   Ratification of bylaws, incorporation of the F.M.A.  women alumni (Filles de Marie Auxiliatrice).

1976   HaSAAI is recognized by the State of New York as a Not-for-Profit organization.

1977   In May, a recreative evenning in the auditorium of St. Anne and St. Joachin in Queens-Village.
1977   In July, HaSAAI certificate of Appreciation to Reverend father Pierre Gimbert founder of the Salesian
           House in Haiti.
1977   In August, the executif committee travels to Montréal to meet the canadian alumni and to arouse their
           interest in the association.
1978   In March, swearing-in of a new committee which include women alumni.
1980   In September, the discrete and fertile intervention of the chaplain, father Jacques Mesidor, allow us to
           acquire a  building located in Brooklyn, which serve as a source of income and as our headquarter.

1984:  Publication of a book , by the Chaplain,  titled : “DIX ANS D’UNE EXPÉRIENCE DE CONVIVIALITÉ 
            DANS LA DIASPORA”, with the goal of underlying the experience of the haitian alumni in the great
            American metropole.
1988   In July, Ballroom dancing (Fund raisings) with the group Tabou Combo.
1988   In November, eight member delegation to the first international Congress of the alumni in Rome.
1989   In August, establishment of a fund called : “EMERGENCY HELP FUND”  with the goal of providing
            economic help to the  members in time of emergency.   1990   In July, a delegation of six members to the
            ordination of Mgr Louis  Kébreau, the first Haitian salesian Archibishop.
1991   In February, a delegation of HaSAAI is present at the inauguration as president  of Haiti, 
           of  Jean Bertrand Aristide, a salesian alumni.
1999    In January, celebration of 25th Anniversary of HaSAAI at Antun (Springfield Blvd, Queens, NY)     

 Our History begins in E.N.A.M
Ecole Nationale des Arts et Metiers,
Port-au-Prince, Haiti